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If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, we can help you.


  • Do you need to grow your circulation?
  • Do you need more sponsors?
  • Do you need to increase your revenue?
  • Are your internal resources stretched?
  • Do you want to cultivate a one to one relationship with businesses in your area?
  • Would you like a program that achieves all of the above?


Sound impossible? It’s not.


Let our in house sales team solve your problems for you. With our turnkey sponsorship campaigns you can acquire, cultivate and renew business and residential sponsors for your programs to fuel your circulation and revenue growth.  


Our staff of dedicated professionals has been helping the newspaper industry for almost 20 years. What is different about us?

  • All of our team members are employees of the company; we do not use any independent contractors. This means you are assured of the control and quality of your representation.
  • We do not control any of your money. Your sponsors will make their payments to you.
  • Materials are mailed to your sponsors, and they mail their payments to you. We do not send anyone to your sponsors businesses to collect payment.


Our Agents become as extension of your staff. They are trained on your NIE program, your newspaper’s unique attributes and goals and understand your community. We work to create sponsors for your NIE program while never losing sight of the fact that we are an ambassador for your newspaper.


Our clients enjoy increased circulation figures, higher revenues and increased exposure within their communities without headaches, complaints or compliance concerns.


Once you decide to partner with 1&all our team will work with you to create sponsorship levels and recognition for your sponsors. Your sponsors want to know what they are providing through their contribution. Generally we will work with you to establish the cost of supporting a classroom for a year. We will then provide the sponsors the opportunity to contribute an amount equal to that cost, a multitude of classrooms, or even perhaps a ½ year sponsorship. Your sponsors want to help your cause, but they also want to be publicly recognized for their support. This recognition comes through your newspapers listing of your NIE sponsors at least once per month through the course of their sponsorship. This cultivates repeat sponsorships, builds awareness of your NIE program and generates interest from other sponsors in supporting.


Once we establish the amounts and recognition for your sponsors, we are ready to build a script. We will present you with a dialog guide for our representatives to use on your behalf and with your approval, we are on the phones! We call local businesses, educate them on your NIE program and request their support via sponsorship. Those that say “Yes” are sent a sponsorship package to mail their support back to you. When you received payments just let us know who paid by updating an Aging Report we send you each month. It’s that easy! Well….your job is that easy. Along the way we manage a lot of callbacks, cultivating relationships, emailing and faxing potential sponsors information about your program….all of the time consuming tasks you just don’t have the staff to handle.


Once you get started, this is a turnkey solution for you. We will manage the campaign from month to month based upon your budgetary requirements and constraints. Just receive the checks and let us know who paid.


To get started....visit the Contact page and call or email today....



New Offices!

We are very excited to annouce we have completed our move to our new offices in Bensalem, PA.

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