Is acquisition telefundrasing dead?

For many years, telemarketing was considered to be an extremely expensive means of conducting fundraising campaigns. It was effective as it created much higher conversion rates than most other direct marketing strategies but the return on investment or cost to raise a dollar was higher than many development professionals desired. For many this made outbound telemarketing the channel of last resort.

Over the years it became increasingly difficult to produce telemarketing efforts which yielded an acceptable cost of fundraising. The contributing factors to this were many including the Do Not Call List, which did not directly affect non-profits, but had a residual affect as a result of negative media sentiment surrounding telemarketing. The economy went into a tailspin so expendable income declined and those who did have it were reluctant to spend it. As if the channel did not have enough challenges, people began abandoning land line phones and those that didn’t cut the cord stopped answering their phones thanks to caller ID. With so many companies and non-profits reliant upon the phone to attract new customers and donors now marketing to a smaller universe of prospects, market saturation quickly further impacted results from a once vibrant channel. Acquisition telemarketing went the way of the dinosaur and all but disappeared.          

The secret to being a good direct marketer is not necessarily knowing all of the answers, but knowing how to test new ideas and strategies; knowing how to read the results and finally how to respond to the data and the market’s reaction. As direct marketers, we have worked diligently to find the opportunities within the challenges laid before us and we have succeeded!


Imagine an acquisition program where success is not measured in the amount of time it will take to recoup the investment to acquire new donors, but in the profit being driven to your mission while creating these new donors who will be funding your programs for years to come. This is not a pipe dream, but a reality.


Our team consists of several telephone fundraising veterans collectively representing more than 60 years experience, beginning back when we still were using rotary phones. As an organization we understand the challenges you face and we are capable of providing turnkey solutions for you that will not only produce new donors and positive revenue for your programs, but will help to make all of your other efforts more successful as well.


Interested? Let us share with you how this works, not in theory, but with real world examples.  Visit the Contact page and call or email today!


New Offices!

We are very excited to annouce we have completed our move to our new offices in Bensalem, PA.

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